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Tommy Mackay's List of Songs by The Fall (rev. ed.)

In 2018, Tommy Mackay published a book based on his long-running song-by-song blog, The Story of The Fall (which began in 2006)Entitled 40 Odd Years of The Fall, the book was initially crowd-funded before being published by Greg Moodie (who also did the illustrations).  Aidan Moffat wrote the foreword.  A revised edition appeared later in 2018.

I have converted Mackay's (revised edition) list into spreadsheet format, and allocated a catalogue number to each song.  Note that Mackay's list is in order of composition or first performance (or first appearance on record, whichever is earliest).

Statistical Analysis

There are 515 songs on Mackay's list.

The average number of songs debuted each year is nearly 12.6. 

The least productive year was 2002 (3 songs), and the most productive year was 1980 (22 songs).

A graph:


Mackay's list excludes Mark E. Smith's collaborations outside The Fall, as well as his solo and spoken word material.  Mackay also excludes some instrumental outtakes (he mentions Italiano and White Lines as examples) on the grounds that "they're not really Fall songs, are they?"

In Mackay's version of The Fall's canon the track "Bingo-Master" has the title "Bingo-Master's Breakout" (which was nearly the title of the single on which "Bingo-Master" appeared - it's actual title was "Bingo-Master's Break-Out").

Mackay treats the following alternative titles as the same song:
  • Psykick Dancehall / ESP Disco
  • C 'n' C - S Mithering /  C 'n' C - S Mithering - Stars on 45 / C 'n' C - S Mithering - Black Night / C 'n' C - S Mithering - Do The Hucklebuck
  • Winter (Hostel Maxi) / Winter 2 (Mackay treats the split track Winter under the former parenthesised title)
  • Pilsner Trail / Plaster on the Hands
  • 2 x 4 / Fiend with a Violin
  • Mansion / To NKRoachment Yarbles
  • Dktr Faustus / Faust Banana
  • Australians in Europe / Northerns in Europe
  • Bremen Nacht / Last Nacht / Bremen Nacht Alternative / Bremen Nacht Run Out / Bremer Nacht
  • Big New Prinz / Big New Priest
  • Acid Priest 2088 / Win Fall CD 2080 / CD Win Fall 2088AD
  • Squid Law / Squid Lord
  • Whizz Bang / Butterflies 4 Brains
  • Xmas With Simon / Christmastide
  • The Mixer / The Remixer
  • Dangerous / So-Called Dangerous
  • Glam Racket / Glam Racket - Star (Mackay treats the title of the latter variation as though it were the main title)
  • A Past Gone Mad / Passable
  • Feeling Numb / Numb at the Lodge
  • Spencer Must Die / Spencer
  • Janet Vs Johnny / Janet, Johnny and James
  • Blindness / Blind Man
  • Bo Demmick / Bo Doodak

Mackay treats the following songs, joined as one track on record but not necessarily played together live, as one song:
  • Hexen Definitive - Strife Knot
  • Octo Realm - Ketamine Sun
  • Loop 41 - 'Houston
  • Say Mama - Race with the Devil

And Mackay treats the following songs separately, though not everyone would:
  • Cab Dweller / City Dweller
  • Jap Kid / I Come And Stand At Your Door
  • Midnight in Aspen / Aspen Reprise
  • Zagreb, Movement III / The Funeral Mix
Finally, I've spotted one omission: The Fall's un-recorded cover of Lou Reed's Kill Your Sons mutated into Ketamine Sun, but ought to have an entry to itself.

Here's Mackay's List (in what I'm calling ODD number order). The stats sheet shows number of songs debuted by year and decade:

View, manipulate and download the data from Google Docs

Click here to download the datasheet as a CSV file

Click here to download the datasheet as an excel (.xlsx) file.

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